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When a man on a horse delivers a gospel publication, his family begins the battle of saving the people from the false doctrines of the country-side and this creates a new church...The Church of God!! Bob weaves an electrifying combination of history, law, and scriptures with his own personal sins. A great rebellion period exploring all the uncomfortable situations he faced before deciding to follow Jesus along with how those who passed on before him gave him his way out. The formation of his own church building, The Pipestem Church of God is what gives this pastor of over 40 years the motivation to write this book. Bob has included some old time hymns such as "Blessed Assurance", "O Church of God", "Let Me See Jesus Only", and more as well as newer songs sung throughout the years such as "Down From His Glory", "The Lighthouse", "Serenaded by Angels" and others with some of these songs sung by his own group "Circle of Love" other singers include Dale Oldham, Dick Rash, Rev. Dana Hambrick and others. You won't put this book down without humming some of these familiar tunes! There will be told many tales about Craigsville Campmeeting, fast cars, young love, prayer warriors, healing, miracles, and especially the history of how it all began.

Two generations of the Bish family, Carl Houston Bish and wife Edith Marie Mullins and Samuel A Bish and wife Elizabeth Curren Stone. Other names that are represented in the book are Sadler, Hurt, Stone, Robertson, Richardson, Gustler, Johnston, Belcher, Allen, Young, Carr, Stevens, Odell, Stephens, Zirkle, Bailey, Williams, Phillips, Simpson, Price, Scheerer, Collins, Hensley, Bratton, Johns, Moore, Kersey, Jones, and more!

The Keaton Family Book-Other surnames are: Vest, Farley, Thompson, Wood, Garten, Houchins, Hill, Hambrick, Cochran, Via, Davidson, Wright, Edwards, Rakes, Horsley, Bowman, Kendrick, Lanier, Mann, Ballard, Hobbs, Harvey, Dollard, Kessinger, Stover, Goodall, Cook, Ellison, Smith, Adkins, Wiloit, Sperry, Parke, Morris, Funk, Phillips, Seib, Miller, Bullington, Hays, Chrisman, Blankenship, English, Blankenbaker, Fleishman, Bennett, Tracy, Martin, Lilly, Neely, Turner, Marquiss, Bolt, Pettrey, Alwell, Hall, Baker, Ellis, Stanton, Dalton, Neel, Gerhart, Anderson, Birchfield, Adams, Ward, Wills, McPeak, Combs, Smith, DiLuvio, Jones, Wilburn, Fields,  and more.

The Payne Family Book-Other surnames are: Muncy, Breeding, Finney, Stacy, Cornett, Lester, Davis, Hatfield, Platt, Holland, Silvers, Greene, Harmon, Kelly, Barnes, Reece, Vest, Vail, Mallett, Conway, Tolson, Goldman, Lawson, Nosseman, Cassiday, Radcliff, Garrison,  Glendenning, Workman, Arthur, Mcmahon, Campbell, Riffe, Martin, Blankenship, Dangerfield, Robinson, Thornsbury, Campbell, Estep, Willingham, King, Crews, Franklin, Blanton, Clark, Belcher, Robinson, Perkins, Church, Lowe, Street, Canaday, England, Hale, Bragg, Logan, Kennedy, Rios, Wallace, Doughton, Lockhart, Buchanan, Bryant, Powers, Stanley, Daugherty, Riffe, Roberts, Deskins, Mccoy, Bynum, Manuel, Signs, Swanson, Jarrett, Toler, Cook, Shepherd, Little, Clark, Adkins, Hehmann, Talley, Kirk, Carr, Robinette, Sayman, Fletcher, Watson, Moore, Ray, Coleman, Tapponnier, Steele, Vest,Mounts, Litz, Elswick, Roberts, Wallace, Hackney, Keene, Click, Mattox, Durkee, Gray, Gillespie, Hall, Farley, Duty, Mitchell, Vance, Allen, Phillips, Lambert, Kingery, Brown, Smith, Mullins, Hicks,  and more.

The Hambrick Family Book-Other surnames are: Hamrick, Faulkner, Hedrick, Larew/Larue, Helvey, Broce, Whitley, Davis, Poling, Keaton, McGraw, George, Duncan, Ballard, Barnette, Tyler, Radford, Kilbourne, Swan, McCutcheon, Roark, Pearson, Ball, Moretto, Porter, Dodd, Long, Jones, Price, Crigger, Owens, Lewis, Murray, Shuck, Vines, Sadler, Clark, Cross, Carver, Edens, Marshall, Radford, Bailey, Michael, Brick, Wade, Carver, Volosen, Radford, Marshall, Willette, Hearld, Short, Koeninger, Chattin, Morley, Farley, Enderle, Blankenship, Brunner, Wuennemann,  and more.

The Martin Family Book-Other surnames are: Wilson, Hearn, Scott, Iddings, Light, Smith, White, Stuart, Little, Gore, Leslie, Erskine, Stewart, Hay, Kerr, Keatley, Chesney, Starr,  Marcum, Goodwin, Douglas, Drummond, Hamilton, Lindsay, Frith, Muncie, Williamson,  West, Friske, Poff, Meador, Middleton, Goodson, Gillespie, Alford, Greenway,  Crotty, Levine, Holley, Waggoner, Frith, Griffith, Hathaway, Rolfe, Richardson, Landon, Price, Wynne,  Burdette, Payne, West, Pournaras, Burt, Cook, Goldburg, Wright, Hall, French, Davidson, Diehl, Burt, Warner,  and more.

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